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(19/08/2013) Ivan Vanvuchelen (Grazen, BE) wins first national old birds from Tulle

Den Tulle 047-11 of Ivan Vanvuchelen won the first prize from Tulle against 7350 old birds on 3 August. The winning pigeon is a late youngster of 2011 and he was ringed in the last week of September! His pedigree is a collection of nothing but top class pigeons!

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(03/08/2013) Tulle 2013 | National winner Belgium Old birds: Vanvuchelen Ivan (Geetbets)

The national winner Belgium from Tulle in the category "old birds" is Vanvuchelen Ivan (Geetbets).The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 16:43:25 CEST after a race of 641.898 km, achieving an average velocity of 1385.14 m/min.

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(04/06/2013) Top performances Belgium 01/06/2013 - 02/06/2013

These are the top performances from Belgium in the weekend of 01/06/2013 and 02/06/2013.