Information about pigeon fancier Vanhoutte Willy


(14/10/2019) Auction weekend raises over 230,000 euro! Cipier of Willy Vanhoutte sold for 16,600 euro!

A total of 155 pigeons were sold today, raising 231,450 euro. We briefly discuss each of these auctions.


(08/10/2019) Delbaere-Sampers (Menen, BE) continue scoring in the national championships with the Willy Vanhoutte breed

The Delbaere-Sampers combination became 1st Nat. Champion shorter middle distance young birds 2015. And the team has played a leading role in the national championships for 2019 as well!


(03/10/2019) Willy Vanhoutte (Wevelgem, BE): Flemish grandmaster ends a marvellous career

Willy Vanhoutte is a grandmaster with a phenomenal palmares and countless references in other lofts. Willy is starting to feel his age, which eventually forced him to auction his top class pigeon family in a total sale.


(28/09/2011) Willy Vanhoutte (Wevelgem, BE) where quality still floats to the top!

The very least we can say is that the colony of the middle distance virtuoso from the West-Flemish Wevelgem, not only belongs to the strongest of his province, but can be counted as belonging to the best middle distance lofts of our country!


(20/01/2011) Willy Vanhoutte - Wevelgem (BE) deed zijn naam als westvlaamse “superstar” op vitesse en halve fond opnieuw alle eer aan !

Andermaal een briljant seizoen in 2010 getooid met o.a. 28 x 1e en 15 x 2e …..en nog zoveel meer…. :


(12/10/2010) Jewels Of The Sky 2010 - Vanhoutte Willy

Vanhoutte Willy presents "De Groten"


(18/10/2009) Willy Vanhoutte - Wevelgem (BE) 5° National Champion KBDB Yearlings 2009!

The Willy Vanhoutte colony has already written many pages in pigeon history. In addition to provincial Ace pigeon titles he was crowned ‘General Champion’ of the province West-Flanders 4 times in 5 years (in 2000-’02-’03-’04), which delivered him the title ‘King’ of West-Flanders…