Information about pigeon fancier Van Reeth Rudy


(22/12/2019) Auctions end at 665,000 EURO - Rudy van Reeth 4,788 EURO / pigeon - Jan Hooymans 5,100 EURO / pigeon

The auction season at PIPA runs from mid-August to the end of June. Week in, week out, exceptional auction results are achieved, 40 weeks in a year. The auction weekends ended on average at more than 500,000 EURO in recent weeks. Last week the total was 667,000 EURO, this weekend 665,400 EURO. Below a report per auction.


(19/12/2019) Pitbull Dynasty of Rudy Van Reeth (Herenthout, BE) has done tremendously well both at home and abroad

It was thanks to Pitbull and his fantastic descendants that Rudy Van Reeth developed into an internationally renowned fancier. And numerous other lofts at home and abroad have been highly successful with the help of Pitbull's descendants. And this bloodline is also very well suited for crossbreeding, as you can tell from the many references.


(13/09/2019) Total sale Rudy Van Reeth (Herenthout, BE)

Health problems have forced Rudy Van Reeth to end his pigeon racing career. Rudy gained an international reputation with his renowned 'Pitbull' dynasty. The descendants of Pitbull have achieved some phenomenal results in many loft both at home and abroad, and they will now be sold in a top quality PIPA auction.