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(28/08/2015) Reginald Van Eylen and Jules Imbrechts (Boortmeerbeek, BE) win their second national victory in Argenton II 1,759 old birds

They had already won a national first prize from Tulle against 5,124 old birds in 2011, and 2015 sees them winning their second national first prize, this time from Argenton against 1,759 old birds. It was their first of two nominated pigeons that took an unforgettable win.

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(16/08/2015) Argenton II 2015 | National winner Belgium old birds: Van Eylen-Imbrechts (Boortmeerbeek)

The National winner Belgium from Argenton II in the category "old birds" is Van Eylen-Imbrechts (Boortmeerbeek). The pigeon was clocked on Sunday at 16:32:00 CEST after a race of 536.723 km, achieving an average velocity of 1214.31 m/min.


(11/08/2011) Van Eylen-Imbrechts (Boortmeerbeek, BE) win 1st National Tulle 5.124 o.b.!

With national victory from Tulle o.b., ‘baker’ Reginald Van Eylen and companion Jules Imbrechts have literally put the icing on the cake! Their first real national victory, after winning 1° Semi-National Chateauroux in 2004!