Information about pigeon fancier Van der Pijl Ed


(02/05/2019) Auction day comes to a close with 373,000 euro – Samuel Mbiza 11,900 euro/bird – Mike Ganus 4,600 euro/bird

The auctions that closed on Sunday 28th of April raised 373,075 euro in total with 186 pigeons, resulting in an average of over 2,000 euro per bird.


(26/04/2019) Dutchman Eddy Van Der Pijl (Settima-Gosselongo, IT) makes the Italian dream come true

Marco Van Basten, Ruud Gullit & Frank Rijkaard … the famous 3 Dutchmen who conquered the world of football with AC Milan some decades ago, now meet their equal in pigeon racing with Eddy Van Der Pijl…