Information about pigeon fancier Van Den Bulck Dirk


(04/07/2015) Flanders Collection (Liedekerke, BE) owns a unique group of Dirk Van den Bulck pigeons

Bruno Van den Brande and Yannick Deridder, also known as the Flanders Collection, are known for their superior collection of De Rauw-Sablon pigeons. They managed to get their hands on an a additional group of valuable pigeons last year, bringing the ace pigeon dynasty of Dirk Van den Bulck, the sprint champion from Grobbendonk, to Liedekerke.


(11/12/2014) Dirk Van den Bulck (Grobbendonk, BE) has created a truly exceptional sprint breed

Dirk Van den Bulck has won an impressive number of championship and ace pigeon titles in recent seasons, and not only in his own loft. Other fanciers from all over the world have benefited from the exceptional speed of the Van den Bulck pigeon breed as well.


(05/12/2014) English catalogue of Dirk Van den Bulck-auction is now available online

Last Monday Dirk Van den Bulck Auction was started. You can now browse through the English catalogue. The aucion will end on Sunday 14th of December.


(20/10/2013) Dirk Van den Bulck (Grobbendonk, BE) is Nat. Champion Sprint Young Birds KBDB 2013 and wins title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Sprint Young Birds

Dirk managed not only to win the title of first Nat. Champion KBDB Sprint Young Birds but he also took the title of first Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Sprint Young Birds with quite a spectacular coefficient.