Information about pigeon fancier Thibaut-Boons


(07/06/2019) Saison 2019: concours provinciaux du 01/06

Cette semaine, bilan des concours provinciaux du premier week-end de juin avec Melun (Liège), La Ferté & Limoges.


(22/02/2019) Testimonial of Jean-Marc Thibaut-Boons

PIPA had the huge pleasure to receive a testimonial from Jean-Marc Thibaut-Boons just a few hours after the end of his auction. He wanted to underline the excellent relationship built throughout the years with PIPA and mostly during his auction where all his pigeons born before 2017 were sold.


(18/02/2019) Auction weekend with total revenue of 320,000 euro! Thibaut-Boons 20,500 euro – 19,000 euro

The following auctions ended Sunday 17th OF February: Kubacek Lubomir (CZ), Jeroen & Stijn Rans (BE), Thibaut-Boons (BE), Stef Bals (NL), Co & Piet Verbree (NL), Scheele Brothers (NL), John Crehan (UK) and Karlo van Rompaey (BE).


(13/02/2019) The Thibaut-Boons pigeons also responsible for super results in other lofts!

What's better to judge the quality of a pigeon strain than checking the results they book in other lofts? The Thibaut-Boons auction that is currently running now gave us the opportunity to put the spotlight on several exceptional references won by these pigeons in various lofts.


(08/02/2019) Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE) and the ace pigeons chronicle

If you follow the Belgian competition closely, it was impossible for you to miss the name of Thibaut-Boons. Since 2005 and their double National title KBDB, this loft achieved brilliant performances leading to several national classificiations in the KBDB championships.


(29/01/2019) Thibaut-Boons auction catalogue

Monday 4th of February 2019 is the starting date for the auction of Thibaut-Boons, who is selling all old birds born before 2017! You can already order a copy of their catalogue, or browse through the catalogue online. The auction closes on Sunday 17th of February.


(10/01/2019) Auction Thibaut-Boons (BE): all old birds of 2016 and older

The great champion Jean-Marc Thibau Boons is selling his entire old birds' collection from 2016 and older in a fantastic auction. This is a group of proven modern-day breeders and talented racing birds, sold along with a selection of youngsters of his best pigeons.


(18/04/2018) Top team Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE) takes a fresh start in 2018

The number one middle distance fancier in Wallonia will be racing from a new location in 2018, although his pigeon family will remain untouched: it is still based around national ace pigeons and renowned winners, with the bloodline of stock am Audrey playing a main role.


(23/01/2018) The combination Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE) was unstoppable in 2017

For Jean-Marc Thibaut-Boons, 2017 will forever stay as the year of his first national victory, which was won from Argenton in the youngsters category. This completed his performance list, making him one of the most feared fanciers from Belgium. Is the circle already complete?


(08/09/2017) First national victory for the Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE) loft with an incredible performance on Argenton!

There was a well known loft that got in the spotlight during the national race from Argenton. It was indeed the Thibaut-Boons loft that won its first national victory after having been close a few times. It's a well know figure that came under the spotlight during the national race from Argenton. Indeed, the Thibaut-Boons loft won it's first national victory after turning around it for a while.

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(26/08/2017) Argenton III 2017 | National winner Belgium youngsters: Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe)

The National winner Belgium from Argenton III in the category "youngsters" is Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe). The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 16:03:46 CEST after a race of 492.944 km, achieving an average velocity of 1355.11 m/min.


(30/06/2017) The combination Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE) books an astonishing result from Nevers & Argenton!

We are well into the second part of the middle distance competition and as a true specialist of the discipline, the combination Thibaut-Boons has excelled several times already. Last week they dominated the interprovincial race from Nevers, befote hitting it even harder in last weekend's race from Argenton.


(16/12/2016) The Thibaut-Boons partnership (Sombreffe, BE) earns the silver medal in the recent KBDB championships

Gaining some rankings one after one in the prestigious championships of the KBDB, it really became an annual tradition for the Thibaut-Boons partnership. After several titles won in 2014 & in 2015, this colony continued on its way by winning the 2nd National Ace Pigeon shorter middle distance old pigeons KBDB.


(05/08/2016) Interprovincial triumph from Bourges for the partnership Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE)!

This Belgian middle distance loft offered us a fantastic show during that race with a hat-trick in the yearlings category and no less than four prizes per 100 in the same category and three prizes per 100 with the old birds. Total domination!


(09/02/2016) The partnership Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE) breeder of the best pigeon from Argenton 2013-2015 (4 prizes)!

We already knew the partnership Thibaut-Boons for the fantastic performances they achieved throughout the years, mostly in the national championships of the KBDB. But what we didn't know was their ability to breed ace pigeons. It's quite extraordinary when you know that their best pigeons were sold in a total auction held in December 2012.


(26/11/2015) Browse the catalogue of the Thibaut-Boons loft!

As the auction of the partnership Thibaut-Boons is currently running on PIPA until the 5th of December, a catalogue has been released.


(17/11/2015) The combination Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE) has just been crowned national champ KBDB for the second year in a row!

After they climbed to the top of the Belgian pigeon sport in 2014, the partnership Thibaut-Boons stayed on the top in 2015 with the title of champion and three classifications obtained in the national championships of the KBDB!


(14/11/2015) PIPA ranking: Best old bird from Argenton (2013-2015) – 4 prizes

This PIPA ranking lists the best old birds from Argenton with 4 prizes. The available national, zonal and provincial results of Argenton I and Argenton II from 2013, 2014 and 2015 were taken into account for this ranking.


(26/06/2015) The partnership Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE) is having another astonishing season!

At the middle of the season of 2015, the results are quite exceptional. It has been an astonishing season so far, as Jean-Marc has told us and which will see him probably climbing on some podium at the end of the season.


(21/04/2015) The partnership of Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE) at the top of the Belgian pigeon sport!

The season achieved in 2014 by this loft based in Sombreffe was probably the best ever since they started during the 90s. A double title of national champion, an Olympic pigeon (and what a pigeon), nothing was able to stop this winning loft on its march to national and international top prizes!


(12/03/2014) The Thibaut-Boons partnership (Sombreffe, BE) is back on the right track

After his successful total auction organized in December 2012 on PIPA, a lot of people were asking themselves what would be the racing level of this loft in 2013. They were quickly reassured as the racers of this partnership proved since the beginning of the season that they had to be taken into account.


(07/02/2014) PIPA-ranking: Best yearling from Argenton (2012-2013) – 3 prizes

This PIPA-ranking shows us which are the best yearlings from Argenton with 3 prizes. The available national, zonal and provincial results of Argenton II 2012, Argenton I 2013 and Argenton II 2013 were used for the calculation of ranking.


(15/07/2013) The Thibaut-Boons loft (Sombreffe, BE) is achieving a powerful come back in 2013!

With already a dozains of first prizes, the Thibaut-Boons loft is again one of the biggest sensation of the belgian pigeon sport.


(22/05/2013) Jos Thoné, Van Eynde-Goovaerts en Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede toonaangevende figuren op provinciaal vlak tijdens weekend van 18 mei

Zo slaagden Jos Thoné en Vaneynde-Goovaerts er in om zowel in de categorie oude als jaarlingen de provinciale zege te behalen uit Vierzon, terwijl de broertjes Vandenheede de 3 eerste plaatsen provinciaal innemen uit Vierzon bij de jaarlingen.


(12/12/2012) Video: Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE) show us their best pigeons

The total auction of Thibaut-Boons is now under way and for that Jean-Marc Thibaut of the Thibaut-Boons combination (Sombreffe, BE) shows us some of his best pigeons.


(12/12/2012) 2012, another Olympic season for the loft Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE)

The 2012 season was simply sensational for this loft in Sombreffe and the results of the championships confirmed this. Jean-Marc has also had the chance to classify one of his pigeons for the Olympiad at Nitra after his very first olympic classification brought by Nels in Poznan in 2011 !


(07/12/2012) Aankondiging kijkdag Thibaut-Boons

Op 3 december 2012 start de totale verkoop (uitgezonderd duiven geboren in 2012) van Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE). Wilt u deze duiven eens van naderbij bekijken, dan kunt u bij de liefhebbers zelf eens langsgaan.


(04/09/2012) The Thibaut-Boons loft (Sombreffe, BE) ends the season with a terrific performance from La Souterraine!

The 2012 season will remain without any doubt, one of the best in the history of this young loft! The racers of the Thibaut-Boons loft fought like lions during the whole season and the opposition felt that come in to full effect for the last races of the racing campaign.


(10/06/2012) Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE) is having a sensational 2012 season !

Our fellow fancier Jean-Marc has always been successful and has had super results. The 2012 season won't be an exception to this rule and the first half of the season can be considered as excellent!


(11/01/2012) Jean-Marc Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE) - 'Sebastian', worthy successor to the 'Pros' !

This champion from the Namur area was put under the spotlight in 2005 when he won two titles in the national championships of the KBDB. This year, he just experienced a sucessful season.. Jean-Marc has won a few provincial victories and he's probably holding the record in the province of Namur !


(23/08/2010) Thibaut-Boons - Sombreffe (BE)

Years go by and everything looks the same inSombreffe: regularity and continuity were again the choice of Jean-Marc and this with unfavourable flying conditions.

Race Report

(19/05/2010) Spécialiste du demi fond, Jean Marc Thibaut est un habitué des podiums nationaux.

En ce début de saison 2010, la colonie est déjà aux avants poste. J’en veux pour preuve le résultat du week end du 14 mai sur l’étape d’Orléans dans le très difficile groupement du petit club.


(28/11/2009) Thibaut-Boons - Sombreffe (BE)

Thibaut-Boons - Sombreffe (BE) 3rd national champion middle distance – 8th ace pigeon national middle distance.