Information about pigeon fancier Sorin Florea


(16/01/2019) Ending auctions: van der Auwera (BE), Handerek (PL), Depasse-Lardenoye (BE), Saudoyez (BE), Sangers (NL), Rutz & Sons (DE), van Toor (NL), van de Velde (NL), DVV-Pigeons (BE), Florea (RO), Goeteyn (BE) & Palm (BE)

On Sunday the 20th of January, these auctions will end: Guy van der Auwera (BE), Wojciech Handerek (PL), Depasse-Lardenoye (BE), Kevin Saudoyez (BE), Marcel Sangers (NL), Rutz & Sons (DE), Dennis van Toor (NL), Sjaak van de Velde (NL), De Vroe- Vandeputte (BE), Sorin Florea (RO), Annick Goeteyn (BE) & Jean-Pierre Palm (BE).


(14/10/2017) Florea Sorin held a grand opening for his new imposing lofts in Romania

Romanian top fancier Florea Sorin has built himself a new loft, one of the biggest projects in recent international pigeon racing. Several fanciers from all across the world were invited for the grand opening of his loft, including PIPA partner Thomas Gyselbrecht. The result of a long and close friendship between Mr Sorin and PIPA.


(17/12/2016) Team Florea Sorin wins 2nd Hot Spot Car Race-South Africa & Today's Race Victoria Falls on same day

It's like a fairy tale, a few years ago. Florea Sorin had a dream, and the dream was to reach the top in the pigeon world. Well, only a few years later, it seems Florea Sorin already reached the top.


(07/10/2016) Boxing legend Mike Tyson visits Florea Sorin

Mike Tyson is a pigeon fancier. When his four-year-old daughter died in a tragic accident, Mike Tyson's mind turned to violence. But the man known across the globe as Iron Mike kept himself from going off the rails after the terrible accident in 2009, thanks to his love for pigeons.


(30/05/2016) Team Florea Sorin (Bucharest, RO) is reaping the benefits of their long-term investments

Romanian businessman Florea Sorin has been acquiring birds with the best bloodlines from Europe in the past few years such as Italian ace bird Il Ragno. Recent results now show that he is well on his way to reaching his ultime goal: breeding and racing successfully across the world.


(02/07/2015) Team Florea Sorin (RO) combines champions without borders

A unique project in pigeon racing, inspired by the Romanian visionary Florea Sorin. In business and in life his ability to think beyond borders with co-operation and participation as keywords, brought him great success. These exact same starting points are now the base of Team Florea Sorin in order to reach their ultimate goal; breeding and racing winners all over the world.