Information about pigeon fancier Samuel Lofts


(02/05/2019) Auction day comes to a close with 373,000 euro – Samuel Mbiza 11,900 euro/bird – Mike Ganus 4,600 euro/bird

The auctions that closed on Sunday 28th of April raised 373,075 euro in total with 186 pigeons, resulting in an average of over 2,000 euro per bird.


(06/03/2017) Auction of Gino Clicque closed at 2,145,000 Euro.

The Gino Clicque auction closed this weekend, which consisted of all old birds and a group of youngsters of 2016 bred especially for this event. A group of 405 pigeons were offered for sale over the past two weeks, with the final two lots being auctioned last Saturday and Sunday. The overall revenue amounted to 2,145,375 EURO for 405 pigeons, or an average of 5,297 EURO per pigeon.


(20/02/2017) PIPA visit with Samuel Lofts in South Africa

PIPA’s chief of sales and co-owner Thomas Gyselbrecht and Pieter Oberholster, PIPA agent UK & South-Africa, flew to South Africa and spent time with Mr Samuel Mbiza and the world famous Mark and Billy Kitchenbrand of Kitchenbrand’s Loft.