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(27/12/2018) Jelle Roziers (Itegem, BE) thanks PIPA for a fantastic average sale price in their auction

Customer satisfaction has been one of PIPA's main priorities over the years. And we were happy to receive the following testimonial from Jelle Roziers, who sold six pigeons last weekend for a fantastic 6850 euro per pigeon on average.


(14/12/2018) Jelle Roziers-Xiang (Itegem, BE) uncontested specialists of the youngsters races in Belgium

Considered as the number 1 specialists of the national races for young birds in Belgium, Jelle Roziers and his partner Green Xiang honored once again their status as they just climbed on the podium during the KBDB days as 3rd National Champion GMD Young Birds KBDB.


(27/09/2018) Roziers - Xiang: fantastic results with the young birds

Some pigeon fanciers have had such an impressive career that they no longer need an introduction. Simply hearing their name is enough to remember their remarkable achievements in our sport. Jelle Roziers ans Green Xiang is one of those teams which every fancier has great respect for.


(21/05/2018) Queen L of Jelle Roziers-Xiang breeds national winners and ace pigeons

The number of breeding references from Queen L is quite impressive to say the least: she has bred countless national ace pigeons and national winners. On top of that, New Queen L became 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance YBs, which means the team of Jelle Roziers-Xiang has a worthy successor in its ranks.


(07/11/2017) Last season two national winners were bred from pigeons sold on PIPA

Everybody knows by now that PIPA aims for the highest quality in its online auctions. And last year several buyers achieved great results with the pigeons that they purchased on PIPA. In fact, in Belgium alone two national winners were bred from pigeons that PIPA sold in auction over the course of this year.


(25/08/2017) Roziers-Xiang (Itegem, BE) excels again after his 1st National Bourges, this time with a 1st and 2nd National Zone B2 Chateauroux

Jelle Roziers and Green Xiang win three first prizes in three weeks' time, claiming a 1st Chevrainvilliers 2,575 youngsters, a 1st National Bourges 38,455 youngsters and a 1st & 2nd National Zone B2 Chateauroux 4,949 youngsters.


(11/08/2017) Roziers-Xiang (Itegem, BE) take revenge for last year's defeat with a 1st Nat. Bourges

This is quite something! The Roziers-Xiang combination missed out on a national victory in 2016 by a mere 13 seconds before eventually claiming a national victory in 2017 against 38,455 young birds in Bourges. Racing bird Gust was in fact the fastest of a total of 59,243 pigeons.

Race2 blog

(06/08/2017) Bourges II 2017 | National winner Belgium youngsters: Roziers-Xiang (Itegem)

The National winner Belgium from Bourges II in the category "youngsters" is Roziers-Xiang (Itegem). The pigeon was clocked on Sunday at 13:51:20 CEST after a race of 477.514 km, achieving an average velocity of 1359.15 m/min.


(19/11/2016) Brand new combination Roziers-Xiang (Bevel, BE) wins two national ace pigeon titles YBs in 2016

The Roziers-Xiang combination was founded in 2015, and their second racing season will be a memorable one for young birds' specialist Jelle and his Chinese partner Green: they have won a 2nd National Bourges II, the title of 2nd National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YBs, and the title of 7th National Ace Pigeon in the same category.


(18/08/2016) Roziers-Xiang (Bevel, BE) suffers narrow defeat in national young birds' race from Bourges

The Roziers-Xiang combination from Bevel was very close to winning a national first prize from Bourges II young birds. They were only 0.90 m/min slower than the eventual national winner Rik Hermans. It was a close call indeed.