Information about pigeon fancier Roziers Paul & Jelle


(23/12/2014) Jelle Roziers (Bevel, BE) breeds ace pigeons thanks to his new Oklahoma bloodline

Season after season Jelle Roziers proves himself as one of the top fanciers of Belgium in the young birds’ competition, and 2014 was no exception. His Oklahoma Junior wins the title of 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance young birds 2014.


(01/08/2014) Paul & Jelle Roziers (Bevel, BE) have made themselves the favourites for Bourges II

The first provincial young birds’ flight in Antwerp took place last weekend, and Jelle Roziers has always been one of the main contenders in the young birds’ competition here. He achieved an impressive overall result in Antwerp in the provincial race from Gien with 21 pigeons in the top 100 against 6,446 pigeons!


(09/10/2013) Paul & Jelle Roziers (Bevel, BE) are among the best young birds' fanciers of 2013

We had already told you about the wonderful achievements of father and son Roziers from Bevel during the young birds’ season. Their pigeons were outstanding in the final national races of the season as well! They took 55 top 100 prizes at national or zonal level in seven national races, including nine top 10 prizes, which is quite remarkable.


(16/09/2013) PIPA-ranking: Best young bird 2013 in the Belgian national races - 7 prizes

Final result PIPA-ranking: Best young bird 2013 with 7 prizes in the Belgian national races after the races from Bourges II, Châteauroux II, Argenton II, Issoudun, La Souterraine II, Nevers and Guéret II.


(04/09/2013) Rigorous routine of Paul and Jelle Roziers (Bevel, BE) pays off

In the last few seasons Paul and his son Jelle Roziers have been among the very best partnerships in the national races for young birds. It appears that their rigorous routine has paid off: they were able to reach the provincial podium three times in five young bird races!


(27/02/2013) Paul & Jelle Roziers (Bevel, BE): an impressive comeback in Bevel

In 2012 Paul and Jelle had a challenge ahead of them when they moved from Berlaar to Bevel. Surprisingly, they had impressive results right from the start.


(15/10/2011) 2011 season new highlight in ‘Queen L.’ fairytale

J.K. Rolings herself couldn’t have written a story more thrilling and breath-taking than that of Paul and Jelle Roziers ‘Queen L.’ … with tension growing by the chapter and amazement about such great achievements growing by the year. 2011 season was the confirmation of ‘Queen L.’s impact in International pigeon racing … but especially on that of Berlaar duo!


(26/08/2011) Video: Paul & Jelle Roziers (Berlaar, BE): Belgian Young birds specialists

Movie about Paul & Jelle Roziers, young birds specialists from Berlaar (BE), made by Nigel Kot


(01/08/2011) Paul & Jelle Roziers (Berlaar, BE) keep on excelling with ‘Queen L’-dynasty

In the Belgian province of Antwerpen the yearling and young birds team of Paul and Jelle Roziers is again performing on exceptional highs … the genes of living legend ‘Queen L’ make others look like schoolboys; the pair ‘Sunny Delight’ x ‘Little Queen’ sees its star status confirmed by impressing performances of descendants!


(08/12/2010) Paul & Jelle Roziers - Berlaar (BE) still raising eyebrows with the descendants of their ‘Queen L’!

It must have been about two and a half years ago (doesn’t time fly) that we last visited the ‘Laarhoeve’ in Berlaar by the colony which was in full march… from Paul & Jelle Roziers! Time to pay another visit then…


(25/08/2010) Paul & Jelle Roziers - Berlaar (BE) leiden nazaten Koninklijke ‘Queen L’ naar majestueuze hoogtes

Een glorieuze Nationale winnaar die het binnen enkele jaren schopt tot Nationaal kweekicoon … zo veel kan gezegd worden van de fameuze ‘Queen L’ van Paul en Jelle Roziers.