Information about pigeon fancier Rooney Derek


(16/04/2019) Auction weekend with total revenue of 317,000 EURO – Batenburg-Van de Merwe 4,135 EURO/bird – Norbert Ally 2,753 EURO/bird

A total of 134 pigeons were sold across seven auctions this Sunday, raising 317,175 euro in total. This makes for an average of 2,367 euro/bird.


(29/01/2019) Auction weekend ends with 392,000 euro – Jewels Hyper Exclusive 6,000 euro/bird

Ten auctions closed today, raising 392,175 euro in total, or more than 2,700 euro per pigeon.


(08/10/2018) Total auction Dick Leeuwerke 1,691 euro/pigeon - Top breeder Son Wondere Dirk sold for 22,500 euro

Four different auctions ended last Sunday, with a revenue of 133,625 euro for 90 pigeons. Here is a brief summary for each auction.


(01/09/2018) Ending auctions: Maurice Hasendockx, Crehan & O’Conner and Derek Rooney

Three auctions will end on Sunday 2 September, starting at 12:00: Maurice Hasendockx, Crehan & O’Conner and Derek Rooney.