Information about pigeon fancier Romein-Klein Comb.


(10/09/2019) Romein-Klein Combination (Rotterdam, NL) get phenomenal results with their Blue Shadow

Frank Klein and Cor Romein have been racing in a combination in Rotterdam since 2014, and they have been quite successful indeed. Their renowned Super 08 and Quicksilver bloodlines have been a guarantee for success, today and in the future.


(02/03/2019) Ending auctions: F. & N. Norman, R. & D. Pierre, Nico van Noordenne, Frans Bungeneers, Luc de Laere, Gebroeders Raets, Romein Klein, Bart Geerinckx, Best of USA, Philippe Dobbelaere & Riddersclub van België

Sunday the 3th of March, these auctions will end: F. & N. Norman (BE), R. & D. Pierre (BE), Nico van Noordenne (P-B), Frans Bungeneers (BE), Luc de Laere (BE), Gebroeders Raets (BE), Romein Klein (NL), Bart Geerinckx (BE), best of USA, Philippe Dobbelaere (BE) & Riddersclub van België.


(27/02/2019) Combinatie Romein-Klein (Rotterdam, NL) tonen met o.a. nazaten van Quicksilver x Super 08 opnieuw hun absolute klasse

Met het superkoppel Quicksilver x Super 08 beschikt de combinatie Romein-Klein over twee goudklompjes. Starlet, New Starlet, White Lightning en White Tornado zijn maar enkele voorbeelden van nazaten die de absolute klasse van hun (groot) ouders steeds weer opnieuw bewijzen


(18/05/2018) Romein-Klein combination (Rotterdam, NL) take home a fantastic result from Pointoise with a 1st, 2nd and 7th of 39,187 birds

Cor Romein and Frank Klein have already won some impressive results in the early 2018 season. They claimed the entire top three in the middle distance race from Pontoise on 5th of May of 10,995 pigeons (and 2nd fastest of 39,187 birds). On top of that, they won a 1st prize from Peronne of 4,613 pigeons a week earlier.


(03/11/2017) Romein-Klein combination (Rotterdam, NL) becomes a national top level player in just a few years' time

Cor Romein and Frank Klein joined forces in 2014 and they booked their first successes fairly early on. Meanwhile they have won over 30 victories in major competitions, and have become a household name in pigeon racing in The Netherlands.

Race Report

(06/07/2017) Top performances The Netherlands 01/07/2017 - 02/07/2017

These are the top performances from The Netherlands in the weekend of 01/07/2017 and 02/07/2017.


(10/06/2017) Comb. Romein-Klein (Rotterdam, NL) voltrekt een droomscenario op de midfondvlucht Roye

Op de midfondvlucht Roye werd in het Samenspel Midden-Holland Oost het volledige podium bezet door de Comb. Romein-Klein. Dat zij dit doen met de drie aangewezen duiven geeft de prestatie een bijzonder cachet.