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(12/07/2019) Stijn & Jeroen Rans (Wijgmaal, BE) claim international victory in grueling Barcelona classic of 16,051 pigeons

They had already been victorious in Pau and Perpignan in 2017, and the Rans Brothers have now claimed victory in last weekend's race from Barcelona as well. This is in fact their third national victory in two years' time, as well as the first international win for this combination from Wijgmaal, Flemish Brabant.

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(06/07/2019) Barcelona (int.) 2019 | International winner old birds: Rans Stijn & Jeroen (Wijgmaal, Belgium)

The International winner from Barcelona in the category "old birds" is Rans Stijn & Jeroen (Wijgmaal, Belgium). The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 11:06:59 CEST after a race of 1083.45 km, achieving an average velocity of 944.61 m/min.