Information about pigeon fancier Radolovic Petar


(19/11/2019) Croatian pigeon sport wants to work on the promotion of the sport

PIPA asked Croatian pigeon fanciers Petar Radolović and Goran Grafina, who is also a doctor in veterinary medicine and a PIPA Agent, how pigeon sport in Croatia looks like and how it relates to the other pigeon countries.


(11/03/2015) Petar Radolović (Fažana, CR) is the National Champion 2014 of Croatia on the short distance

Petar Radolović is the new rising star in the pigeon sport in Croatia, with the focus on the short distance races. In 2014 he became 1. National Champion Short Distance. He also won the 1. National Ace Short Distance. It prooves the high quality of his pigeon-loft.