Information about pigeon fancier Pallatt Dean


(07/12/2019) Ending auctions: Pieter Oberholster, Gaie brothers, Jos & Jan Loobucyk, Vermeerbergen-Wilms, De Smeyter-Restiaen, Jan Hooymans, Kai Er, Dean Pallatt, Alwin Petrie & Tom Schilling

Sunday the 8th of December these auctions will end: Pieter Oberholster (GB), Gaie brothers (BE), Jos & Jan Loobucyk (BE), Vermeerbergen-Wilms (BE), De Smeyter-Restiaen (BE), Jan Hooymans (NL), Kai Er (CN), Dean Pallatt (GB), Alwin Petrie (NL) & Tom Schilling (US).


(05/12/2019) Dean Pallatt (UK) “The New Marathon Venture”

For the past fourty years the loft of Dean Pallatt and his family of Staff Van Reet bloodlines has built a great reputation in the sprint-middle distance races in the UK. He regularly broke all records in the federation by achieving up to fifty first prizes in a season, before moving to a new house and setting up a breeding stud.


(03/12/2019) PIPA TV: Dean Pallatt Sr. & Jr. have a unique Jelle Jellema collection

After years of analyzing, Dean Pallat Sr. & Jr. got convinced about the super quality of Jellema pigeons. They've tried to build up a unique Jelle Jellema collection, incl. some unique pigeons such as full brother MG 430, last son Saffier, children Zwart Goud, Romee & Kleine Jade...