Information about pigeon fancier Monev Simeon


(27/10/2019) Gino Clicque gets 75,200 EURO for 10 youngsters - Child MG430 X Evi from Jelle Jellema sold for 20,500 EURO

Today 4 auctions ended with a total of 77 pigeons. These raised a total of 195,325 EURO, or 2,536 EURO on average per pigeon.


(26/12/2018) Exceptional averages! Jelle Roziers 6,850 euro – Simeon Monev 4,725 euro – Daughter Antionio De Saer 19,000 euro - Auction weekend over 410,000 euro

10 auctions ended on Sunday 23rd of December, with 149 pigeons sold for 411,125 euro, or 2,759 euro per bird. We talk you through each auction below.


(11/10/2018) Simeon Monev (Dobrich, BG) has another fantastic season!

Several years ago Simeon Monev got involved in the pigeon sport and since then he has gone from strength to strength. He has built his family of Desmet-Mattjs pigeons around one particular pigeon, De Crazy 204 (BE04-4143204), a granddaughter of the famous de Gullit (BE92-4490676).


(07/06/2017) Investments in PIPA Elite Center birds allow Simeon Monev (Dobrich, BG) to take pigeon racing to the next level

Last year, Bulgarian pigeon fancier Simeon Monev introduced several PIPA Elite Center birds in his breeding loft. Despite the hard weather conditions with strong head winds and rainfall, Simeon's investments have already started to pay off in the first weeks of the racing season with nearly perfect prize percentages.


(28/03/2017) Simeon Monev (Dobrich, BG) kept his promise and built a family of racing pigeons that can beat all competition

In 2017 Simeon Monev would have represented Bulgaria at the Olympiad in Brussels but an outbreak of avian influenza meant that the Bulgarian team couldn't travel to the event. A twist of fate that denied his pigeons their chance to shine on the world stage.