Information about pigeon fancier McDonough Shaun


(08/02/2020) Ending auction: Shaun McDonough

On Sunday 9th of February, these auction will end: Shaun McDonough (UK).


(29/01/2020) Shaun McDonough (Walsall, UK) created a strain based on the genes of his multiple first prize winners

For forty years the McDonough father and son have developed their family of outstanding pigeons. In that time, they have won hundreds of first prizes from 120 km to 800 km, with only the very best multiple winners allowed into the breeding loft.


(24/01/2020) PIPA TV: Shaun McDonough (Walsall, UK) presents main breeders Magic Pie & Ultimate

Shaun McDonough races already more than 20 years pigeons with his dad, but when his father felt that it became too much to cope with, they decided to do a total auction on PIPA. In this video Shaun presents his two main pigeons: Magic Pie & The Ultimate.


(15/01/2020) You can already check out the catalog of the total auction of Shaun McDonough

From January 27th till February 9th 2020, PIPA organizes the total auction of all birds of Shaun McDonough (UK). Here you can already check out the catalog.


(22/03/2013) Shaun McDonough (Walsall, UK) had an especially good year in 2012

Shaun McDonough of Walsall was born into a pigeon racing family. His father and grandfather before him raced very successfully. During the 1980s and 90s Shaun's father in particular enjoyed a long run of success with his team of Frans Vanwildemeersch pigeons which took some beating on a Saturday in the Midlands.