Information about pigeon fancier Kitchenbrand Mark & Naomi


(06/03/2017) Auction of Gino Clicque closed at 2,145,000 Euro.

The Gino Clicque auction closed this weekend, which consisted of all old birds and a group of youngsters of 2016 bred especially for this event. A group of 405 pigeons were offered for sale over the past two weeks, with the final two lots being auctioned last Saturday and Sunday. The overall revenue amounted to 2,145,375 EURO for 405 pigeons, or an average of 5,297 EURO per pigeon.


(30/03/2012) Mark Kitchenbrand (Heidelberg, South Africa) walks the road of International fame

Ambition is the middle name of Mark Kitchenbrand owner of the worlds most impressive Million Dollar colony – with ‘Birdy’ as nr. 1 breeder – super champion in South African racing … and now conquering Europe. A man of the world – if the world’s big enough for Mark Kitchenbrand.


(28/02/2011) Mark & Naomi Kitchenbrandt

A movie about Mark & Naomi Kitchenbrandt, the winners of the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2011


(24/01/2011) Mark Kitchenbrand (SA) wins Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2011

“The biggest highlight in my pigeon career,” says a thrilled Mark Kitchenbrand in a first reaction to winning the world’s most prestigious pigeon race; the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race.


(31/10/2010) Mark and Naomie Kitchenbrand dedicated to improving the sport of Racing Pigeons in South Africa - Kitchenbrand’s Loft - Club 500

Mark Kitchenbrand is a member of the oldest ( flying since 1907) known active racing pigeon family in the history of the South African Pigeon Racing Fraternity.