Information about pigeon fancier Kaier


(27/09/2018) Kaier China is looking for historic and culturally valuable items from pigeon racing

Xing Wei, better known as Kaier, is a pigeon fancier with a reputation. He is now calling on pigeon fanciers to collect historic or cultural heritage related to pigeon racing, to be put on display in his new culture park.


(17/02/2018) Bart Geerinckx convinces PEC to co-invest in Nadine, the most expensive hen yet

The Chinese pigeon collector Kaier purchased Willy Daniëls's 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Yearlings 2017 for a record-breaking 400,000 euro. Bart Geerinckx, who attended the sale, was so impressed that day that he convinced the PEC to buy into Nadine (formerly known as Selin) together.


(18/09/2017) Chinese pigeon collector Kaier pays 400,000 EURO to buy the most expensive hen ever from Willy Daniëls (Kessel, BE)

Yet another new record was set in pigeon racing in China on 16th of August. That Wednesday the brand new 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Yearlings of Willy Daniëls was sold in auction. The man to win the bet was Kaier, a Chinese collector of highly exclusive pigeons who was willing to pay an astounding 400,000 EUR for this hen.


(06/10/2016) Kaier Charity OLR donates 40,000 EUR to help build a “HOPE” elementary school

On 29th of September 2016 miss Sun Li, general manager of the Kaier Group, and mister Zhang Qiang, manager of Kaier Charity OLF, along with a group of generous pigeon fanciers, visited the Fengrun Wangguanyingzhen Xiashui elementary school in Tangshan to launch a charity event.