Information about pigeon fancier Jung-Jupid


(01/09/2017) Jupid-Jung (Germany) wins Danish Pigeon Race 2017 with a 50% Geerinckx cock

The final of the Danish Pigeon Race, one of the most renowned one loft races in Scandinavia, took place on 26th of August. The overall winner is the famous German Jupid-Jung combination; their chequered DV08857-17-101, a 50% Bart Geerinckx, won the race of 710 pigeons after covering 395km from the German Göttingen.


(03/01/2014) SG Jung-Jupid (Ebertshausen, DE) is a top level pigeon loft

It would be impossible to talk about pigeon racing in Germany or Europe without mentioning the pigeon loft of Jung-Jupid. Their pigeons have brought success to pigeon fanciers from all over the world and the descendants of their breeders are in high demand.


(09/06/2013) Two auctions end Sunday: SG Jung-Jupid & June Auction

Sunday two auctions are ending. We would like to present them to you.


(02/10/2012) SG Jung-Jupid (Ebertshausen, DE): a first class loft

The partnership of Jung-Jupid consists of Jürgen Jung and his daughter Sarah. This is a top class loft unmatched in international pigeon racing. Their breeding loft houses a few world famous breeders.


(23/02/2012) SG Jung JUPID - Top success in other lofts

It is not a secret that Jürgen & Sarah Jung (SG Jung-JUPID) own top birds. Only the Best of the Best is sitting in the breeding loft in Ebertshausen. This top class of birds are also responsible for top results all over the world. One of the best seasons for the father-daughter combination was 2011. The Jung pigeon is conquering the world!!!


(09/12/2011) Golden Jung-Jupid colony extremely successful in 2011

Top quality has always been the keyword for Jürgen and Sarah Jung from Ebertshausen, Germany. After their sensational auction in 2010 the quest for a new ‘golden team’ began and … with great success!! In 2011 results of Jung-Jupid pigeons were astonishing – International on top of the world.


(13/09/2011) The success of JUPID is continuing

The success of JUPID is continuing in Czechia at Team Hlavica. In Czechia Martin Hlavica races the youngsters of SG Jung – JUPID. Together they are the Team Hlavica M. – SG Jung.


(07/09/2011) Delta One Loft Race Hungary 2011 – winners Jürgen & Sarah Jung (SG Jung-Jupid) - Update

Last Saturday Sarah & Jürgen won the final race Delta One Loft Race Hungary 2011. The race is 300 km with 426 pigeons (604 pigeons at the beginning) from 13 different countries. The first ones flew about 5hours 50 minutes with headwind.


(07/04/2011) Jürgen & Sarah Jung on schedule in forming a world new super colony!

Just a bit more than a year ago, Jürgen Jung shook the world announcing the auction of almost his total colony at Pipa ... a colony that was considered most impressive of Western Europe ... for many fanciers worldwide a great opportunity to acquire the best of legendary worlds.


(12/10/2010) Jewels Of The Sky 2010 - SG Jung-Jupid

Jung Sarah presents 'Gian', one of the youngest children of 'Aladin'


(05/02/2010) Jürgen Jung - Ebertshausen (DL) deel II - vervolmaking van de meest indrukwekkende duivenkolonie van West-Europa

Een winnaar, die altijd de beste duiven wil hebben en de beste wil zijn … dat is Jürgen Jung uit Duitsland. Ondanks een haast kansloze positie in zijn regio die het winnen van grote vluchten onmogelijk maakt, is hij tot op het bot gemotiveerd om met zijn kapitale kweekkolonie een volledig nieuwe dimensie aan de moderne duivensport te geven!


(02/02/2010) Jung Jürgen - The legend of ‘Aladin’. Complete story behind the best breeder in the world

The first egg ever to be filled by ‘Kleine Dirk’ … and the very best in a long line of super descendants; that is wonder cock ‘Aladin’. “Although his father was not world famous yet, I knew this had to be something special,” said breeder Gerard Koopman …


(30/01/2010) Jürgen Jung, Ebertshausen (D) part I - passion for quality as motive for most impressive pigeon colony of Western Europe

Full of passion he treasures the pearls that house his lofts. Top pigeons, everyone of them, that are not milked blind but are pampered, as their stardom really longs for.