Information about pigeon fancier Gyselbrecht-Leliaert


(28/03/2014) The modern-day Gyselbrecht pigeon (Knesselare, BE) continues to perform at world class level at the long distance

It is quite remarkable how the Gyselbrecht pigeons continue to play a key role in the extreme long distance races. The star of 2013 was without doubt New Laureaat of Luc Wiels, winner of an international victory from Barcelona. New Laureaat originates from the Gyselbrecht bloodline via his dam.


(26/11/2013) Frederik Leliaert will start racing in the Netherlands again

The champion of Zeeland is returning to his home loft to keep pigeons there. He will combine this with his job at PIPA. This means he continues to work full-time at PIPA to monitor our transit department.


(06/07/2013) Tandem Gyselbrecht-Leliaert (Knesselare, BE) wint 4° Editie Barcelona Champagne Competitie (2012)

Allereerst wens ik me bij iedereen te excuseren voor het zeer laattijdige verslag van de winnaars 2012. Vooral bij Frederik en Carlo zelf, want ik hoor Frederik nog zeggen na het bezoekje (ook nog niet eens zo lang geleden) “niet wachten tot Barcelona gelost wordt hé”.


(23/03/2013) The Gyselbrecht-Leliaert (Knesselare, BE) duo: fond of demanding races and aiming for the long distance flights!

Two men with a love of pigeons and a great list of achievements in the grand distance decided to join hands two years ago. It did not take long before they became successful: in their second season as a team they took a provincial win from Bourges, as well as a number of top results in the national top 100!


(01/06/2012) Gyselbrecht-Leliaert (Knesselare, BE) win 1° and 2° local & 1° and 6° Provincial Bourges 3,470 yearlings with 1° and 2° nominated

This is a great achievement at the first national race of 2012 in Bourges, with a great national result as well: 5° and 16° national against 16,867 yearlings! The wonderful ‘Dees’-line of Frederik Leliaert has played an important role in this achievement.


(07/01/2012) Gyselbrecht-Leliaert (Knesselare, BE), a very promising combination!

It was not easy to schedule this visit, but it has been 3 years since Carlo Gyselbrecht expressed his wish to meet me to thank me for the partnership between PIPA and my website about the ALC races from Dunkerque.


(06/05/2011) Gyselbrecht-Leliaert, Knesselare (BE): the new duo which will soon experience their baptism of fire

Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht and Frederik Leliaert, 2 men with honours lists to look up to, decided last winter to join forces. We went to take a look behind the scenes, and gauge the cherished ambitions!