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Information about pigeon fancier Guirado Ludovic


(12/11/2018) Ludovic Guirado win the 1st Barcelona national France against 2.911 pigeons!

Everybody's still reminding the difficulties our pigeons had to face to fly Barcelona in 2018. Four months later, he still can't believe it: Ludovic Guirado is the big winner of the national race in France. It is now time to put this afficionados of the marathon races under the spotlights.

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(08/07/2018) Barcelona (int.) 2018 | National winner France old birds: Guirado Ludovic (Saint-Nicolas d'Aliermont)

The National winner France from Barcelona in the category "old birds" is Guirado Ludovic (Saint-Nicolas d'Aliermont). The pigeon was clocked on Sunday at 08:40:05 CEST after a race of 942.966 km, achieving an average velocity of 900.56 m/min.