Information about pigeon fancier Ganus Family Lofts


(19/11/2018) Auction weekend ends at 513,000 EURO – Golden Algarve winner sold for 60,000 euro

Ten auctions ended on Sunday 18th of November, raising 513,375 euro in total for 177 pigeons, or an average sale price of 2,900 euro. We briefly discuss each auction.


(22/06/2018) Mike Ganus welcomes Mix, winner of the 2018 SAMDPR, as the newest member of his impressive SAMDPR collection

On Saturday 17th of February, the winner of the South African Million Dollar Race 'Mix' was sold to Mike Ganus for about 95,000 USD. It was the most expensive SAMDPR bird ever to be sold. Last week Mike could finally welcome 'Mix', yet another world-renowned ace to strengthen his impressive African collection.


(18/02/2018) Mike Ganus buys the 2018 winner of South Africa Million Dollar Race for 95.000 US Dollar

Saturday 17th of February the auction of the top 50 winners of the Million Dollar Race final took place. The winner was sold to Mike Ganus at 1.150.000 South African Rand, about 95.000 USD. The most expensive South African rung pigeon ever sold.


(16/01/2018) Ganus Family Loft (USA) has gained international recognition after superb results in recent one loft racing history

Ganus Family Loft (GFL) has established its name among the top fanciers in our sport with outstanding race results in both the international and USA one loft races. The highlight in the GFL race portfolio is winning the Final Race in the South Africa Million Dollar Race Series in 2015.


(10/02/2017) Ganus Family Loft dominates Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race

Besides the super results of Ganus Family Loft, also 2nd final race winner from Ado Family Loft both parents are from Mike Ganus.