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(09/12/2019) Youngster from Armando X Nadine sold for 120,000 euro – Jan Hooymans 9,000 EURO on average – Auction weekend has total revenue of 487,000 euro

Ten auctions came to a close last Sunday, with an overall revenue of 487,000 euro for 113 pigeons, or more than 4,300 euro on average per bird.


(06/12/2019) The Gaie brothers (La Bouverie, BE) continued their way to the top in 2019

How to approach a new racing season when the previous one has been the most successful of your whole career? Well, simply with the ambition of doing better. That's what the Gaie brothers tried to do during the racing season 2019, which finally ended on a positive note.

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(15/05/2019) Top performances Belgium 11/05/2019 - 12/05/2019

These are the top performances from Belgium in the weekend of 11/05/2019 and 12/05/2019.


(11/04/2019) Super saison pour les frères Gaie (La Bouverie, BE) & cerise sur le gâteau avec le titre de 1er Champion National PDF RFCB !

Ils étaient tout simplement inarrêtables durant toute la durée de la saison et on savait bien que cela se terminerait par plusieurs classements nationaux en fin de saison. Les frères Gaie sont ainsi montés sur la plus haute marche du podium en remportant le titre de 1er Champion National Petit Demi-Fond vieux & yearlings.


(24/02/2017) Les frères Gaie (La Bouverie, BE) se classent 2e Champion National GDF Vieux RFCB 2016!

Très peu de colonies wallonnes réussissent à se classer dans les championnats nationaux de grand demi-fond. S'il y en a bien une qui dispose de tout le potentiel pour y arriver, c'est celle des frères Gaie de La Bouverie (Mons) qui viennent de se classer 2e Champion National Grand Demi-Fond Vieux RFCB 2016!


(28/05/2012) Gaie Brothers (La Bouverie, BE): national winners of Bourges category yearlings against 16,442 pigeons

Last year, the Gaie brothers were put in the spotlight after winning the 1st national Châteauroux against 20,139 old birds with the highest speed of the entire convoy of 45,908 pigeons. A little less than one year later (it will be one year in a week's time), they are once more on the highest level of the podium for winning the national race of Bourges in the yearlings category!

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(26/05/2012) Bourges I 2012 | National winner Belgium Yearlings: Gaie Frères (La Bouverie)

Last year they won the national race from Châteauroux (old birds), now the Gaie Brothers win Bourges national in the category yearlings.