Information about pigeon fancier Fretwell John


(24/09/2014) A report of the National Flying Club old bird race from Falaise on 9th September 2014

The National Flying Club young bird race was expected to be from Fougères, but due to bad weather on the Saturday the birds were brought back to Falaise and released on the Tuesday morning at 09.30am BST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.


(11/09/2012) A report on the British International Championship Club old hens race from Guernsey - a report on the winners

The final race for the 2012 season was liberated at 9 am UK time into clear skies with a very slight easterly wind over the channel. The young birds and old hens were released together to begin their journey back to the UK.


(31/08/2012) The British International Championship Club old hen race from Guernsey: a report on the winners

Five hundred and eighty five old hens were entered into the race which was held over on the Saturday due to bad weather. They were therefore liberated at 8 am UK time on Sunday 26th August. The wind in channel was initaily westerly turning south westerly later.