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(16/03/2020) Sangers Pigeons (NL): 56,300 euro for 21 young birds, Tom van Gaver (BE) 2,455 euro/bird, Jutla Brothers (UK) 2,225 euro/bird

Despite the world being heavily impacted by the coronavirus, the following fanciers can look back on a successful pigeon auction: Kas & Karel Meijers (NL), Ivan Baetens (BE), Roger Mylle (BE), Jutla Brothers (UK), Sangers pigeons (NL), Tom Van Gaver (BE), Francis Franssen (BE) & Kristof Mortelmans (BE).


(13/03/2020) Francis Franssen (Bolland, BE) won the 1st national St-Vincent & the 2nd national Agen with two full brothers

The 2014 season will always be unforgettable for Francis Franssen. It's indeed the year that he could climb two times on the podium of a national race on two major races from the national calendar. Moreover, these 2 performances were booked by two brothers.


(21/02/2019) Francis Franssen (Bolland, BE) is booking great performances with the line of his 1st national St-Vincent 2014!

Francis finally starts to harvest the fruit of his breeding strategy built around his two super stalions: the 'St-Vincent', 1st national of the same race in 2014, and his brother 'Origui', 2nd national Agen the same year.


(29/06/2018) Super performance for the yearling team of Francis Franssen (Bolland, BE) on Brive

This loft from the area of Liège just booked the first two places from the zonal result of Brive, a superb performance he managed to book thanks to the descendant of his two most famous pigeons, St-Vincent & Origui'.


(09/07/2014) Francis Franssen (Boland, BE) wins the 1st national of a tough St.-Vincent

After the double national victories won on Agen last week (old & yearling), the fanciers from the area of Liège showed again what they were made of with the recent national victory won by Francis Franssen on St-Vincent. Liège, Belgian capital city of the heavy long distance in 2014.

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(05/07/2014) St.-Vincent 2014 | National winner Belgium Yearlings: Franssen Francis (Bolland)

The national winner Belgium from St.-Vincent in the category "yearlings" is Franssen Francis (Bolland).The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 19:03:42 CEST after a race of 941.642 km, achieving an average velocity of 1485.94 m/min.