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(27/11/2019) PIPA TV: Batenburg-Van de Merwe (Klaaswaal, NL) presents Willeke, 1. Internat. St-Vincent 2019

This year Willeke won the 1. Internat for Ad Fortuin. Sint-Vincent against 10,623 pigeons. Willeke was bred by Hugo Batenburg and is now again in Klaaswaal on the breeding loft of Hugo.


(22/07/2019) Ad Fortuin (Strijen, NL) takes prestigious international win in St. Vincent with Willeke

Ad Fortuin takes a 1st International St. Vincent against an impressive 10,597 pigeons. He had already claimed a 1st National YLs Agen last year (with the fastest bird overall), which shows that this is a top quality pigeon family.

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(14/07/2019) St.-Vincent (int.) 2019 | International winner old birds: Fortuin Ad (Strijen, The Netherlands)

The International winner from St.-Vincent in the category "old birds" is Fortuin Ad (Strijen, The Netherlands). The pigeon was clocked on Sunday at 05:27:58 CEST after a race of 999.513 km, achieving an average velocity of 1052.16 m/min.


(30/06/2018) Ad Fortuin (Strijen, NL) excels on Agen with 1st Nat. Yearlings and 4x top 40 National!! Historical victory march for New Laureaat & Batenburg-birds on Agen!

An outstanding performance under the heaviest of circumstances; that is exactly what Ad Fortuin did at the Agen Yearling race. He won 1st National with over 50(!) minutes lead and 4 pigeons in the top 40 National - with 4 direct Batenburg-Van de Merwe pigeons; all 4 descending of New Laureaat. The icon whose offspring sort of dominates this race; a performance that shall be spoken of for many ...

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(30/06/2018) Agen (int.) 2018 | National winner The Netherlands yearlings: Fortuin Ad (Strijen)

The National winner The Netherlands from Agen in the category "yearlings" is Fortuin Ad (Strijen). The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 06:05:50 CEST after a race of 911.736 km, achieving an average velocity of 948.9 m/min.


(23/06/2015) Ad Fortuin (Strijen, NL) proves his talent by winning a 4th National St. Vincent (Sector 2)

Ad Fortuin shows shortly before the international long distance season 2015 that his pigeon family is in excellent shape, having won a fourth national from St. Vincent (S2) and an eighth prize from Agen (S2).


(29/08/2013) PIPA introduces Ad Fortuin and Jawin van Namen as new agents for The Netherlands

A few months ago PIPA started looking for a new supply agent for The Netherlands, for which we received numerous applications. After a strict three step selection process it was decided to appoint Ad Fortuin and Jawin van Namen as our new agents.

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(04/07/2013) Top performances The Netherlands 29/06/2013 - 30/06/2013

These are the top performances from The Netherlands in the weekend of 29/06/2013 and 30/06/2013.


(25/10/2012) Ad Fortuin (Strijen, NL): a big star in the ZLU competition

A good fancier can perhaps gain results quickly. However you can also use a gradual and well considered approach with the help of a pigeon breed of impeccable quality. This will eventually lead to even greater successes. Ad Fortuin adopted this approach and made it to the top of marathon racing in The Netherlands with the help of Batenburg-VD Merwe, VD Velden and Nouwen-Paesen.