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Race Report

(10/03/2020) Europa Master Pigeons one loft race 2020: It's your chance, don't miss it!

2020 is the 3rd edition, a clash of the titans! A single OLR, a single participation but you can win many qualifications: Europe Master Pigeons Cup with 503 prizes, FCI Racing Pigeons GrandPrix with two prizes, World Super Cup or World Master Cup and One Loft Race World League Cup!


(19/11/2019) Auctions raise more than 750,000 euro – Daughter Goed Grijs 41,000 euro – Jellema 195,900 euro for a round of youngsters – Bart Geerinckx 5,500 euro/youngster

12 auctions came to a close over the past two days, and these had a total revenue of 753,700 euro for 270 pigeons, or almost 2,800 euro per youngster. We briefly discuss each auction below.