Information about pigeon fancier De Ceuninck-Vanhoucke


(13/11/2012) De Ceuninck-Vanhoucke (Nieuwpoort,BE): an all-round champion

Bert has gained a reputation as a great pigeon fancier. His pigeons are winning first prizes in races between 100 and 1100 km. No wonder he is known as the all-rounder of Nieuwpoort.


(08/11/2012) Video: Günter Prange visits Hubert De Ceuninck

The total auction of Hubert De Ceuninck (Nieuwpoort, BE) has just started. Reason enough for Günter Prange, the world famous fancier from the German town of Meppen, to pay a visit to his friend to talk about their friendship and their careers as fanciers.


(29/06/2011) Deceuninck-Vanhoucke, Nieuwpoort win 1° National Montauban 9.091 o.b.!

With Deceuninck-Vanhoucke, an established name was victorious, a duo with an honours list to be praised… national Montauban with their first nominated from the 4 pigeons entered!