Information about pigeon fancier De Belser Johan


(03/08/2016) Johan De Belser (Berlaar, BE) wins 1st National Zone B1 La Souterraine yearlings with Bocca

The 3rd of July 2016 was another great day for Johan De Belser from Berlaar. Johan won a zonal first prize in Zone B1 from La Souterraine with racing bird Bocca, which was the fastest of 2,695 one year olds.


(27/12/2013) Johan De Belser (Berlaar, BE) makes a successful transition to the long distance

Johan De Belser has a really strong pigeon breed that performs at a high level both in his loft and in other fanciers’ lofts. The bloodlines of the two nest mates 083-02 and 084-02 can be found in two national Ace Pigeons Extreme Middle Distance and three national winners!


(27/11/2012) Johan De Belser (Berlaar, BE): Engels x Kaasboer = national top level breed

The 231/86 of Engels gained a cult status in pigeon racing and the Kaasboer of Gaston Van de Wouwer is on its way to become just as famous. Johan De Belser from Berlaar shows that the two birds deserve their status.


(22/09/2011) Video: Johan De Belser (Berlaar, BE), Belgian Middle / Long Distance Specialist

Watch the movie about Johan De Belser, middle/long distance specialist from Berlaar Heikant (BE), made by Nigel Kot.

Race Report

(30/08/2010) Johan de Belser - Berlaar (BE) in form from National La Soutteraine 2010

With two hens in the National top 10 and possibly 5 in the top 100, wonder man Johan de Belser performed superbly in the National race from La Souterraine …


(28/06/2009) Johan De Belser - Berlaar-Heikant (BE) Two weeks in a row ‘Provincial Primus’!!

For the last 2 weeks the colony of Johan De Belser has achieved remarkable results which made more or less all the ‘headlines’ in the pigeon media. Not surprising when you can pocket ‘provincial victory’ 2 weeks in a row, and can also clock the fastest pigeon of the entire convoy of participating pigeons.

Race Report

(29/08/2008) De Belser Johan Berlaar

Johan De Belser domineert Argenton! Ziehier de uitslag van Johan De Belser op Argenton van 09/08/08 Houtvenne: 146 duiven 1/3/5/7/9/10/12/18 (8/8)