Information about pigeon fancier Crehan John


(18/02/2019) Auction weekend with total revenue of 320,000 euro! Thibaut-Boons 20,500 euro – 19,000 euro

The following auctions ended Sunday 17th OF February: Kubacek Lubomir (CZ), Jeroen & Stijn Rans (BE), Thibaut-Boons (BE), Stef Bals (NL), Co & Piet Verbree (NL), Scheele Brothers (NL), John Crehan (UK) and Karlo van Rompaey (BE).


(30/06/2018) John Crehan (Salford, UK) wins first Three Counties Combine from Carentan with a direct Jan Hooymans pigeon

Adding another fantastic result to his already spectacular season, John Crehan of Salford wins first Three Counties Combine against 3,887 pigeons and 442 competing lofts. The winner was yet another of his direct Jan Hooymans’ pigeons.


(20/06/2018) John Crehan (Salford, UK) aka 'The Manchester Maestro' wins first national Ancenis with Solo Warrior - his single entry

Six hundred and twenty-nine members entered five thousand, one hundred and sixty pigeons into the National Flying Club race from Ancenis on 16th June 2018. They were liberated at 07.10CEST and the winner was clocked seven hours, twenty-nine minutes and forty-six seconds later at the Salford loft of John Crehan, also known as The Manchester Maestro.


(21/10/2017) John Crehan (Manchester, UK) and his Hooymans' superstars

John Crehan is now into his fourth full season of racing the Jan Hooymans' pigeons which are closely selected for him by the ace fancier from Kerkdriel. Each year, pigeons sent by Jan to John perform exceptionally and this last season has been no different.


(20/01/2017) John Crehan (Salford, UK) has two pigeons representing the UK at the Olympiad in Brussels

After another successful season in 2016, John Crehan had two pigeons qualify for the UK Olympiad team in Brussels. Both bred by Jan Hooymans and raced by John, Olympic Jan qualified for the yearling class whilst Olympic Janette will be in the young bird class.


(05/11/2016) Another successful season for John Crehan (Salford, UK) and his Jan Hooymans' family of pigeons

John Crehan of Salford first started racing Jan Hooymans' family of pigeons in 2014 with great success. The following years have seen the two fanciers further their collaboration resulting in incredible race results and an excellent season in 2016.