Information about pigeon fancier Clayburn Brian & Mavis


(04/09/2013) Brian & Mavis Clayburn (Ackworth, UK) win the French Young Bird Derby 2013

This is the husband and wife partnership of Brian & Mavis Clayburn of Ackworth near Pontefract in West Yorkshire England. They are previous winners of 1st open Sun City one loft race in 2009 and have now pulled off the double with winning the French 2013 Derby.


(12/09/2012) Best of Britain - a PIPA auction

It seems like no time at all since I wrote the last Best of British leader report. Once again Pieter Oberholster, the UK agent has pulled out all of the stops to obtain pigeons from fanciers from amongst the very best that Great Britain has to offer the world of pigeon racing. The lofts that I wish to inform you briefly about in this report are responsible for countless national, one loft and ...


(31/07/2009) From Africa to Ackworth - Brian & Mavis Clayburn - The 2009 Sun City Million Race Winners

When I sat in the Superbowl in Sun City watching the 13th Sun City Million Dollar Race, I with hundreds of other fanciers worldwide witnessed a blue pigeon trap like a good one. Everyone with a blue barred pigeon in the race held their breath for a few seconds, which must have felt like hours.