Information about pigeon fancier Chavantré/Moriceau


(06/07/2015) Décès de monsieur Dominique Chavantré

Nous venons d'apprendre le décès de monsieur Dominique Chavantré, membre du tandem français Chavantré-Moriceau. Il était âgé de 63 ans.


(16/05/2014) Chavantré-Moriceau (Olonne-sur-mer, FR), Marseille or die !

If we talk about a french loft who played a big role in the international race the last few years, one combination directly comes to our mind: Chavantré-Moriceau! Our favourite combination made of the race from Marseille their ultimate goal!


(08/08/2013) Chavantre-Moriceau (Olonne-sur-mer, FR) achieved another sensational performance on Marseille !

'Les colombiers de l'île' (Loft of the island) just made another stunt result at the international level with a sensational performance achieved on Marseille.


(19/12/2012) Marseille, a race of excellence for the Loft of the Island, Chavantre & Moriceau (Olonne-sur-mer, FR)

On the 22th of July 2012, Paul Moriceau & Dominique Chavantre experienced one of the most intensive moments of their lives when they won the international victory from Marseille. This result brought them to the attention of the international pigeon press and they gained a lot of notoriety. However, it wasn't the first time that they had made an impression in the pigeon world.