Information about pigeon fancier Carlier Olivier


(02/05/2019) Auction day comes to a close with 373,000 euro – Samuel Mbiza 11,900 euro/bird – Mike Ganus 4,600 euro/bird

The auctions that closed on Sunday 28th of April raised 373,075 euro in total with 186 pigeons, resulting in an average of over 2,000 euro per bird.


(27/04/2019) Olivier Carlier (Wauthier-Braine, BE) sets new goals for 2019!

Any good pigeon fancier able to catch the right quality pigeons will see the level of his results increasing in no time straight to the top. Then, it's up to you to have the right feeling, enough rigour and know-how. A small boost of lady luck is always welcome to make sure it is on the right track. Olivier Carlier is the perfect example.


(26/02/2014) Olivier Carlier (Ophain, BE) achieved a super 2013 season!

The seasons are all the same for the lofts in Ophain. For many years, Olivier has been one of the top fancier from the club of Nivelles, one of the hardest basketing clubs from the of south of Belgium


(22/05/2013) Olivier Carlier (Ophain, BE) wins the 1st interprovincial Pithiviers from 2,574 pigeons with the highest speed of 3,664 pigeons!

A superb victory, the second of the season, won by what we can already call a champion pigeon! Indeed, Benny from Olivier Carlier won its third victory of its young career in the interprovincial race from Pithiviers!


(22/02/2013) Olivier Carlier (Ophain, BE): The remake of the '4 fantastics' in his breeding loft !

Everybody knows that buying high quality pigeons will give you the possibility to achieve your goals faster. Olivier Carlier won't say the opposite as he always went to his pocket when it was time to obtain the best pigeons. He actually harvesting the fruits of his investments!