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(14/07/2012) Oscar & Koen Brackenier (Oosterzele, BE) winners of 1st National Brive 11,128 old birds

Oscar couldn’t have dreamt of winning the 1st national Brive at his age: this fancier is 91 years old. This is a new victory for the successful family of pigeons of Oscar Brackenier.

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(07/07/2012) Brive 2012 | National winner Belgium Old birds: Brackenier Oscar & Koen (Oosterzele)

Oscar & Koen Brackenier from Oosterzele win Brive National. They clocked their pigeon at 12:37 CEST after a race of 667.501 km. Average velocity of their pigeon: 1743,58 m/min.


(16/03/2012) Oscar & Koen Brackenier (Oosterzele, BE) men with a passion for the long distance!

Brackenier… a name as resounding as a clock in pigeon circles… which stands for class and quality. This came to the surface once again in the 2011 pigeon season. Time then to spoil our taste buds once again in bistro ‘Onder de toren’ and chat with Koen by the pigeon with a nice glass of wine.