Information about pigeon fancier Besseling Daan


(21/10/2015) Daan Besseling (Oisterwijk, NL) has a collection of outstanding breeders for the long distance

Daan Besseling has only had a brief career in the international long distance competition but his achievements were all the more impressive. Daan managed to win an impressive prize from Pau in his first season in 2011, and he repeated his performance in Marseille one year later. The key to success was the purchase of a few of spectacular breeding pigeons.


(04/04/2015) Daan Besseling (Oisterwijk, NL) is a rising star in the international long distance competition

Despite his age Daan Besseling has really come to the fore in our sport's most demanding competition. His Euro Marseille provided the number one highlight in his career.