Information about pigeon fancier Berckmoes Eric


(31/08/2018) Eric Berckmoes (Lille, BE) delivers like back in the days with a 1st zone Chateauroux old birds

We reckon most of you already know Eric Berckmoes, the iconic fancier from Antwerp who won almost every race on the calendar in Brecht. He moved to Lille in late 2014, where pigeon racing is different than before. That does not change anything about the quality of his breed, as you can tell from his zonal first prize in Chateauroux.


(05/11/2014) Eric Berckmoes (Brecht, BE) wins a 1st Nat. Zone B1 Tours & Argenton in an outstanding 2014 season

Eric Berckmoes, the friendly pigeon champion from Brecht (BE), has been one of the leading names in the longer middle distance for years. He has been able to achieve great results season after season with the help of the bloodline of the late Albert Marcelis, an iconic sprint champion.


(19/04/2014) The high-mileage pigeons of Eric Berckmoes (Brecht, BE)

Eric Berckmoes had another splendid season in 2013 and took the title of 3rd National Champion KBDB Longer Middle Distance with an impressive 30 national top 20 prizes in Zone B1.


(12/10/2013) The Marcelis sprinters of Eric Berckmoes (Brecht, BE) demonstrate their skills in the extreme middle distance

The sprint pigeons of Albert Marcelis used to complete a sprint race every weekend. Eric Berckmoes now baskets these same champions for the extreme middle distance. Eric closed a wonderful season with a well deserved title of 3rd Nat. Champion KBDB Extreme Middle Distance Old Birds 2013!

Race Report

(16/04/2013) Top performances Belgium 13/04/2013 - 14/04/2013

These are the top performances from Belgium in the weekend of 13/04/2013 and 14/04/2013.


(12/02/2013) Eric Berckmoes (Brecht, BE); a synonym for a bit of luck, pigeon virtuosity and outstanding results

Eric Berckmoes, 36, is a young but very motivated fancier. He has been fine tuning his Marcelis pigeon breed with which he manages to achieve great results one season after another.


(19/02/2011) Eric Berckmoes - Brecht (BE) … building on a new team after the theft at the end of 2009.

Eric Berckmoes managed to place himself in the (inter)national spotlight from a young age… with titles as National Champion Beginners in 1998, and World Champion Youth by the FCI…


(27/08/2009) Thieves caught in the act by Eric Berckmoes!!

Last night the pigeon thieves were caught in the act by Eric Berckmoes. Just after midnight Eric saw the thieves in the lofts, this was followed by a car chase where the police finally captured the thieves. These are the same people who had already stolen 50 pigeons the previous week, this time they had the basket with them that they had stolen from Berckmoes during the first theft.