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(12/08/2017) Jo Bauters (Gavere, BE) is going strong with the help of the bloodlines Fabian and Ellis

Jo Bauters has been racing at a high level all season long, to a large extent thanks to the bloodline of Fabian, 1st National Poitiers 2014. He is also the sire of Ellis, 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance YBs 2016 and the best young bird in the PIPA ranking (3 and 4 races).


(01/12/2016) Jo Bauters (Gavere, BE) wins title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance YBs KBDB 2016 with Ellis

Jo Bauters owns one of Belgium's most iconic young birds of 2016: the outstanding Ellis. She not only won the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YBs KBDB, she was also the best young bird of Belgium in the PIPA rankings, over 3 and 4 national races.


(13/09/2016) PIPA Ranking: Best youngsters in all Belgian national races - 4 prizes

Final result PIPA ranking 'Best youngsters in all Belgian national races with 4 prizes'. The available national, zonal and provincial results were taken into account for this ranking.


(25/04/2016) Jo Bauters (Gavere, BE) timmert verder aan de weg naar de top

Jo Bauters uit Gavere kan al enkele jaren mooie adelbrieven voorleggen op de zware halve fond. Zo denken we terug aan zijn eerste provinciale overwinning in 2012 vanuit Bourges en zijn nationale overwinning in 2014 vanuit Poitiers. Ook in 2015 werd weer sterk gespeeld.


(23/06/2014) Jo Bauters (Gavere, BE) claims 1st National Poitiers against 12,379 old birds with his crack Fabian

Fabian had already won a provincial first prize from Bourges as a one year old, and he has now been able to take his first national victory from Potiers in the old birds’ category.

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(14/06/2014) Poitiers 2014 | National winner Belgium Old birds: Bauters Jo (Gavere)

The national winner Belgium from Poitiers in the category "old birds" is Bauters Jo (Gavere).The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 14:57:05 CEST after a race of 563.869 km, achieving an average velocity of 1111.98 m/min.

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