Information about pigeon fancier Allemeersch-Van Parys


(26/10/2015) Nothing but top quality in the loft of Allemeersch-Van Parys (Ruddervoorde, BE)

Alex and Corry won the title of second provincial Ace Pigeon yearlings both in 2013 and 2014, while finishing in 4th place at the 2015 Prov. Ace Pigeon championship long distance yearlings with Kletskop, with a team of only 15 racing birds. It illustrates the level of quality in this loft!


(04/12/2013) Allemeersch-Van Parys (Ruddervoorde) is a loft in full expansion

We are going to talk about a loft in full expansion today. This young and ambitious pigeon family already showed what they were made of in the provincial races of West Flanders.


(30/10/2012) Allemeersch-Van Parijs (Ruddervoorde, BE), a duo that knows what it wants

If you believe only a dyed in the wool fancier can make it to the top, think again! The duo of Allemeersch-Van Parijs only started its career in 2005 and has already had some great successes. The two have their loft in the town of Ruddervoorde, in West-Flanders.


(21/05/2012) De “Chateauroux” van Allemeersch-Van Parys (Ruddervoorde, BE) wint prov. Chateauroux jaarlingen

Op zaterdag 19 mei had de I.W.V. de vlucht uit Chateauroux op het programma staan. Hieraan namen naast 3486 oude duiven ook 888 jaarse deel. Vier jaarlingen behaalden de hoogste snelheden van het ganse peloton.