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(11/11/2019) Auction weekend hits 338,500 euro – Son New Laureaat 16,800 euro – Golden Algarve winner 17,600 euro – Krzysztof Szkolny 3,779 euro/bird

Five auctions came to a close last Sunday, in which 185 pigeons were sold for a total of 338,500 euro, with an average of 1,830 euro/bird. We briefly discuss each individual auction below.


(29/12/2018) Most-read articles of 2018: Golden Algarve, Newcastle Disease, the famous Nadine & Harry and the KBDB General Meeting (part 1)

It has become an annual tradition for PIPA to bring you an overview of the ten most-read articles (all languages included) of the past year, right before the start of the new year. We do not take into account the race pages, the club pages or the rankings. We take a look at places six through ten!


(19/11/2018) Auction weekend ends at 513,000 EURO – Golden Algarve winner sold for 60,000 euro

Ten auctions ended on Sunday 18th of November, raising 513,375 euro in total for 177 pigeons, or an average sale price of 2,900 euro. We briefly discuss each auction.