Information about pigeon fancier Aelbrecht Marcel


(03/11/2012) Marcel Aelbrecht (Lebbeke, BE) 1st Provincial and 7th National Champion Long Distance Young Birds KBDB 2012

On top of that Marcel is also winner of the second Provincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance Young Birds KBDB. This proves once again that the Aelbrecht pigeons are top class racing pigeons!


(28/03/2008) Aelbrecht Marcel, "Thé superstar of the Belgian long distance scene"

Marcel Aelbrecht is a name that has been firing people’s imagination for many years already.


(28/03/2008) Aelbrecht Marcel, Lebbeke

1° Algemeen nationaal kampioen KBDB 4° nationaal kampioen fond KBDB


(28/03/2008) Aelbrecht Marcel, "Nogmaals de kannibaal van de nationale kampioenschappen KBDB"

1° Algemeen nationaal kampioen KBDB 2006 1° nationaal kampioen fond KBDB 2006


(28/03/2008) Aelbrecht Marcel, "Once again the cannibal of the national championships KBDB"

1° General national champion KBDB 2006 1° national champion long distance KBDB 2006