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(24/07/2013) Jean Pachla (Harbonnières, FR) wins the 1st national Saint Vincent in France

Friday, release day of the international race of Saint Vincent, four pigeons managed to be clocked before the end of the first flying day. Three were clocked in France, in the department of the Picardie and another in Haute-Normandie, two very close departments. The first announcement on PIPA was put at 21h43'05 by Jean Pachla.

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(13/07/2013) St.-Vincent (int.) 2013 | National winner France Old birds: Pachla Jean (Harbonnières)

The national winner France from St.-Vincent in the category "old birds" is Pachla Jean (Harbonnières).The pigeon was clocked on Friday at 21:43:05 CEST after a race of 749.511 km, achieving an average velocity of 982.214 m/min.