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(12/07/2012) Story French TV station TF1: "The goose with the golden eggs is... a pigeon"

Yesterday July 11 2012 the French TV station TF1 broadcast a short story on Philippe Deu, the international winner of Barcelona 2012. Though the story is in French, we did not want to withhold you these video images.


(12/07/2012) Philippe Deu (Nieurlet, FR) wins the 1st International Barcelona 2012

Last week, I wrote in a French specialist magazine that the Spanish international race was not suitable for the French fanciers. Until then, only the Schaschkow Brothers, big specialists of this race and triple national winners, were the only French fanciers to win the international race from Barcelona. Since Saturday 7th of July 2012, there are now two. Philippe Deu is the new winner. ...

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(07/07/2012) Barcelona (int.) 2012 | International winner Old birds: Deu Philippe (Nieurlet, France)

Philippe Deu from Nieurlet (France) wins the prestigious international race from Barcelona this year. He succeeds the Dutch Piet van den Boogaard and Marco van Buuren from Amsterdam, who won Barcelona International last year. Philippe Deu clocked his pigeon at 05:50 CEST after a distance of 1048.295 km at an average velocity of 1810.53 m/min.