Information about pigeon fancier Desutter Linda


(18/03/2013) An overview of the impressive 2012 season of Linda Desutter (Pittem, BE)

Linda Desutter is the West Flemish fancier from Pittem who won the title of National Champion KBDB in the young birds’ category in the shorter middle distance in 2008. With this achievement she managed to beat such champions as Danny Van Dyck (second) and Vanhove-Uytterhoeven (third).


(16/03/2009) Desutter Linda - The "fairytale season" anno 2008

Linda Desutter from Pittem
1st National Champion KBDB middle distance youngsters.
1st Super Cup Short middle distance Both-Flanders youngsters
3 x 1st Ablis - 1 x 1st Blois - 3 x 1st Tours - 1st St Junien - 1st Gueret…
and so much more…