Information about pigeon fancier Baert Damien


(21/12/2012) Damien Baert (BE) - Equal to itself in 2012 !

To successfully maintain your level at the top during numerous years, you need to own racers of great class! For Damien Baert, it became an obligation for his pigeons if they want to receive a box in the racing loft!


(17/12/2012) Video: Damien Baert (Ere, BE) shows us the top quality pigeons in his loft

Damien Baert (Ere, BE) organises a total auction in December. That is why he invited our PIPA agent Adrien Mirabelle to come and have a look at the best pigeons of his family.


(02/03/2012) Damien Baert (Ere, BE) - Important victories thanks to his golden pair!

It is often said that if you want to be successful in the pigeon sport, the discovery of a golden pair can make the task easier. Ask Damien Baert what he thinks about it. 15 years ago, he had the luck of discovering this kind of pair. Even up until now, their influence on the performance of his loft is still huge.


(27/05/2011) Damien Baert remporte le 1er interprovincial Vierzon de 11.073 vieux

Damien Baert ajoute une corde de plus à son arc avec le 1er interprovincial Vierzon de 11.073 vieux