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(14/10/2019) Auction weekend raises over 230,000 euro! Cipier of Willy Vanhoutte sold for 16,600 euro!

A total of 155 pigeons were sold today, raising 231,450 euro. We briefly discuss each of these auctions.


(02/10/2019) Gert Noels (Ham, BE): “2019 was probably my best season ever, thanks to stock breeders Claudio and Marceline"

Gert Noels (39) from Ham, Limburg has been taking big steps forward since 2012. That was the year he made a fresh start, which he did with extensive help from Jos Thoné (As) and Kurt Platteeuw (Rumbeke).


(07/01/2019) An auction weekend with top results: 32,500 euro (youngster Super Romeo), 28,500 euro (youngster Meeuwke 12) and great averages of 8,271 euro/pigeon and 7,820 euro/pigeon

Nine auctions closed on Sunday 6th of January, and 121 pigeons raised 310,375 euro in total, or 2,565 euro per bird. We briefly discuss each auction below.


(25/12/2018) Gert Noels (Ham, BE): “Stock pair Claudio and Marceline are at the basis of our rise to the top, leading to many highlights"

Gert Noels (38) from Ham in Limburg is still a relatively young pigeon fancier but he has been on the rise since 2012. In 2018 he claims the title of 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance old birds KBDB with Lennert, as well as 11 provincial top ten prizes.


(02/11/2017) Gert Noels (Ham, BE) claims 1st National Jarnac and 1st Provincial Brive in 2017 thanks to top breeders Claudio and Marceline

As a good friend of Jos Thoné, Gert Noels has direct access to a collection of world class pigeons. Still, he is himself an outstanding fancier as well, as you can tell from last season. He claimed two provincial first prizes last year and went on to win a 1st National Jarnac and 1st Provincial Brive in 2017, mainly thanks to his invaluable breeding birds Claudio and Marceline.

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(15/07/2017) Jarnac 2017 | National winner Belgium yearlings: Noels Gert (Oostham)

The National winner Belgium from Jarnac in the category "yearlings" is Noels Gert (Oostham). The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 16:28:41 CEST after a race of 715.718 km, achieving an average velocity of 1292.65 m/min.


(20/09/2016) Gert Noels (Ham, BE) beleeft met twee provinciale overwinningen een waar boerenjaar

Met zijn twee provinciale overwinningen bevestigt Gert Noels zijn status van opkomende topper. Exact vijf jaar na zijn debuut staat de teller op vijf provinciale zeges. Met in 2015 ook nog de titel van Provinciaal Kampioen Fond Oude Duiven behoort Gert ondertussen tot het kleine kransje van toonaangevende liefhebbers in de provincie Limburg.

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(14/06/2016) Top performances Belgium 11/06/2016 - 12/06/2016

These are the top performances from Belgium in the weekend of 11/06/2016 and 12/06/2016.


(31/03/2016) Gert Noels (Ham, BE), Marc Vanonckelen (Halen, BE) and Reynders-Tack (Millen, BE) have excelled with pigeons of Thoné

Three fanciers. One amateur, one semi-pro and one future pro. Three different approaches to racing and caretaking. Three different lofts in three different locations. They have one thing in common: their level of performance.