Information about pigeon fancier Roziers Jelle


(24/02/2020) Auction weekend raises 348,525 EURO, Jelle Roziers (BE) 3,004 euro/bird

The following auctions came to a close on Sunday 23rd of February: Pieter Woord (NL), Deschacht-Denduyver (BE), Luc De Laere (BE), Karlo Van Rompaey (BE), February auction, Philippe Dobbelaere (BE), Jelle Roziers (BE) & One Loft Race Special.


(20/02/2020) Roziers-Xiang (Itegem, BE): 2. & 3. National Champion GMD Young Birds KBDB in 2018 and in 2019!

The 2019 season was quite a good one for Jelle Roziers (Roziers-Xiang), specialist of the game with the youngsters. Indeed, 'Clever William' won the title of Best Young Bird from Belgium with 2 prizes on the national races (PIPA Ranking).


(17/02/2020) PIPA TV: Jelle Roziers (Itegem, BE) explains his system with the young birds

Jelle Roziers is known worldwide for the great results he achieves with his young pigeons. In this video he explains his system that is based on 'common sense' and 'keep it simple' as Jelle summarizes it.


(28/05/2019) Auctions raise 375,150 euro – Jelle Roziers 4,200 euro/pigeon – Jelle Jellema 3,200 euro/pigeon

Ten different auctions came to a close last Sunday, with a total revenue of 375,150 euro for 196 pigeons, or more than 1,900 euro per bird.


(22/05/2019) Descendants of Jelle Roziers pigeons score high marks in Big Andy’s OLR!

A number of American and Canadan fanciers have scored high marks in Big Andy's one loft challenge. What was remarkable was the high number of prize winners that are related to the Roziers pigeon breed.


(03/05/2019) PIPA, world famous auction house for pigeons (VIDEO)

PIPA developed into one of the most important auction houses from all over the world. In this video you get to know the PIPA company better. You will also hear some great pigeon champions talk about their collaboration with PIPA.


(27/12/2018) Jelle Roziers (Itegem, BE) thanks PIPA for a fantastic average sale price in their auction

Customer satisfaction has been one of PIPA's main priorities over the years. And we were happy to receive the following testimonial from Jelle Roziers, who sold six pigeons last weekend for a fantastic 6850 euro per pigeon on average.


(26/12/2018) Exceptional averages! Jelle Roziers 6,850 euro – Simeon Monev 4,725 euro – Daughter Antionio De Saer 19,000 euro - Auction weekend over 410,000 euro

10 auctions ended on Sunday 23rd of December, with 149 pigeons sold for 411,125 euro, or 2,759 euro per bird. We talk you through each auction below.


(23/11/2018) Steun 4 goede doelen door te bieden in de Pigeons For Life veiling! (Update: foto's bezoek en rondleiding)

Music For Life is de voorbije jaren een begrip geworden in België. In de kerstperiode beheerst deze benefietactie de nationale radio en zelfs televisie. Na een succesvolle eerste editie lanceren PIPA en de familie Vandenabeele de tweede editie van Pigeons For Life: een duivenveiling waarvan de opbrengst naar 4 goede doelen gaat.


(21/05/2018) Queen L of Jelle Roziers-Xiang breeds national winners and ace pigeons

The number of breeding references from Queen L is quite impressive to say the least: she has bred countless national ace pigeons and national winners. On top of that, New Queen L became 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance YBs, which means the team of Jelle Roziers-Xiang has a worthy successor in its ranks.


(04/11/2017) After winning 2 top 10 ace pigeon titles in 2016 Roziers-Xiang (Itegem, BE) now claim 5 top 20 prizes including a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance YBs

Everyone agreed that it would be nearly impossible to improve upon their results of 2016, having won a 2nd and 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance YBs and 8 top 100 placings. And yet, multiple winner Jelle Roziers continued his winning streak this season with a title of 1st National Ace Pigeon in the same category, an impressive five ace pigeons in the top 20 and seven in the top 50. ...


(19/09/2017) 50% Roziers hen claims victory in knock-out of Danish Pigeon Race for Winkie Pigeons (Spain)

Besides the winner of the Danish Pigeon Race 2017 final, the first pigeon in the knock out phase of that same race has a Belgian mother as well. This time it is the Jelle Roziers pigeon breed that brings success to another fancier.


(13/06/2017) Jelle Roziers (Bevel, BE) has lived up to his reputation of young birds' specialist over the past five years

Jelle Roziers has a reputation both in Belgium and abroad as being a highly proficient young birds' fancier. He demonstrated this by winning 16 national an zonal top 10 prizes in the past five years, as well as five national top 10 ace pigeon titles and an average prize percentage of 61 prizes per 4 across an impressive 27 national races.


(18/08/2016) Roziers-Xiang (Bevel, BE) suffers narrow defeat in national young birds' race from Bourges

The Roziers-Xiang combination from Bevel was very close to winning a national first prize from Bourges II young birds. They were only 0.90 m/min slower than the eventual national winner Rik Hermans. It was a close call indeed.