Information about pigeon fancier Decendre Guillaume


(07/01/2020) Sakis Minovgioudis gets 4,150 euro/bird – Auctions close with more than 2,000 euro on average for 135 birds

We saw an average sale price of over 2,000 euro for 135 pigeons on the first auction day of the new year, resulting in an overall revenue of 275,150 euro. We briefly discuss each auction.


(02/01/2020) Guillaume Decendre (Châtelet, BE) booked a top performance with Daymond, the quickest of the 45.139 pigeons from Châteauroux I !

The 08th of june will stay forever marked in the memory of Guillaume Decendre. That day, he won the 1st national Châteauroux against 20.522 old pigeons with the highest speed from 45.139 basketted.

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(08/06/2019) Châteauroux I 2019 | National winner Belgium old birds: Decendre Guillaume (Châtelet)

The National winner Belgium from Châteauroux I in the category "old birds" is Decendre Guillaume (Châtelet). The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 10:30:40 CEST after a race of 449.364 km, achieving an average velocity of 2133.06 m/min.