Because we could no longer cope with the increase in the number of questions and fanciers had to wait (too) long for an answer, we have decided to close off our question section. Furthermore, the great majority of new questions submitted has already been answered in the past.

As we want to keep offering interesting medical information to our readers, we will now concentrate more on those general Ask The Vet articles which have already been published on our homepage in the past. In addition, our Ask The Vet archive, which contains numerous questions and answers, is a mine of information which will still remain at your disposal.





When and how do I treat my pigeons for paratyphus?

Mijn jonge duivin legt een ei met ruw omhulsel. Wat is er mis met deze duivin?

My pigeon moves out of balance and looks like he is shocked.

Mijn duif laat een vleugel hangen en vliegt schuin. Wat kan ik doen?

My pigeons suffer from poor physical condition, watery droppings, no appetite, ... Is this ornithosis?

Newly bought pigeons are fading away and losing body. What is wrong?

We hebben veel last van coccidiose, ook al verzorgen we onze duiven goed.

Waarom willen sommige duivinnen plots niet meer vliegen en vermageren ze zonder reden?

Which vaccine would you recomend for paratyphoid colombavac or chevivac s?